Kambo is a secretion from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog. It has been used traditionally by Amazonian tribes for physical healing and energetic purification.

The secretion contains over 100 peptides. Kambo enters the lymphatic system through small burns “Gateways”. The secretion is then placed on the gateways and one begins their process.


Chronic Pain

Autoimmune Diseases


PTSD & Emotional Trauma

Depression & Anxiety

Fertility Issues



About ME

Hi! My name is Alex. I haven’t always been on the healing path. Just a few years ago I felt so empty, I was living in my own skin that felt like a disguise. I was following society’s image of masculinity. Thinking I needed to be strong, not express my emotions and thinking I didn’t need to heal.

I was so insecure about my body image and developing eating disorders throughout the journey of being a competitive bodybuilder. Doing it all for the “gram” and not paying attention to what my true self wanted.  

2 years ago I ended this toxic masculinity within myself. I shed that skin and started my healing journey. I started feeling better as the months went on and found my true self.

I later began healing others through reiki and also became a Kambo Practitioner. Both reiki and kambo have changed my life drastically and have created the person I am today.

While our healing journeys never end, I am so grateful to have grown as much as I did in the passed years and look forward to providing these healing services for you ♥️